Keynote Sessions

World-Class Leaders Igniting Conversations for Top Financial Planning Conference

Wednesday, June 6 - 1:45 PM (ET)

Lisa Dolly

Chief Executive Officer, Pershing

Jim Crowley

Chief Operating Officer, Pershing

Investing for Your Future Success: Our Strategy and Focus

Perspectives from BNY Mellon's Pershing Corner Office: Chief Executive Officer Lisa Dolly and Chief Operating Officer Jim Crowley

Wednesday, June 6 – 2:30 PM (ET)

James Comey

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2013-2017)

The Ethical Leader: A Conversation with James Comey

Throughout his decades-long career in public service, James Comey has been committed to doing the right thing—at the expense of partisan politics, popular opinion, and even personal friendships. He sheds light upon the thinking behind his own decisions and argues that leaders should be laser-focused on a core set of principles, chief among them truth, transparency, and decency. Comey offers executives—and the people who work for them—a road map for ethical leadership even in the most challenging and uncertain of circumstances.

Thursday, June 7 – 8:45 AM (ET)

Charles W. Scharf

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BNY Mellon

The World In Transition

BNY Mellon Chief Executive Officer Charles W. Scharf, a veteran leader of several prominent financial services companies, shares his insights on the future of the industry, the evolution of technology, and more.

Thursday, June 7 – 9:30 AM (ET)

Dr. David Kelly

Chief Global Strategist and Head of the Global Market Insights Strategy Team, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Vincent Reinhart

Chief Economist of Standish, part of BNY Mellon Asset Management North America

Market Mavens Masterclass

Two of the world’s most prominent economists, Dr. David Kelly and Vincent Reinhart, discuss the state of the markets and the global economy—from changes at the Fed to tariffs and trade wars and everything in between, they offer candid insights into market trends that are top of mind for advisors.

Thursday, June 7 – 1:30 PM (ET)

Jennifer Lim

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Happiness Officer, Delivering Happiness

Jim McKelvey

Co-Founder, Square

Bliss and Innovation: It’s the Climb

Discover how market demand is the driving force of innovation and how great entrepreneurs and innovators recognize a need and react, creating companies and fostering cultures that inspire passion and purpose that clients embrace.

Friday, June 8 – 8:00 AM (ET)

Dr. Michio Kaku

Theoretical Physicist, Professor, Futurist and New York Times Best-Selling Author

AI and The Destiny of Humanity

Traverse the frontiers of astrophysics, artificial intelligence and technology to a stunning vision of our future in space, from settling Mars to traveling to distant galaxies. Moving human civilization to the stars is increasingly becoming a scientific possibility–and a necessity. Whether in the near or distant future, we must face the reality that humans will one day need to leave planet Earth to survive as a species.

Friday, June 8 – 10:45 AM (ET)

Jay Leno

Acclaimed Late Night Television Host

Up Close and Personal

Legendary comedian Jay Leno will regale us with his stand-up comedy, explore his obsession with all things automotive and share highlights from his career as the "hardest working man in show business."